Posted by Carole Kirk

Using a Flip Camera to easily record video

Flip cameraThe flip camera is a small, hand-held camcorder which creates digital video.  It is simple to operate, with many automatic functions for zoom and sound etc., and connects to a USB port with a pop-out connection.  The video below shows you how to use the flip camera and upload the video to LUTube (video by Simon Davis).  IMPORTANT: If you are having difficulties uploading the video to LU tube, I would strongly recommend that you try doing this on the campus network.  You can do this via the wireless connection; a cluster computer; OR you can connect remotely using Desktop Anywhere and use that to log in to LU tube.

Thanks to SDDU for making this video available.

There are other similar Camcorders on the market (in April 2011, Cisco announced they would stop making the Flip Camera). One alternative is the Kodak Zi8, which I tested out:-