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Uploading and Sharing Video

The following videos were made by Simon Davis of SDDU:


Uploading content to LUTube

Embed video in a VLE tool (wiki, blog etc.)

IMPORTANT Note for Students


Photo: Evil Erin on Flickr

If you are having difficulties uploading the video to LU tube, I would strongly recommend that you try doing this on the campus network.  You can do this via the wireless connection; a cluster computer; OR you can connect remotely using Desktop Anywhere and use that to log in to LU tube.

Note for staff: If you are having the same problem, you can access LUtube via CITRIX (see video at the bottom of this page).

Staff Guides

Embedding video in a  module:

Embedding a LU tube video onto the VLE and other websites:

Streaming video:

*Access LUTube remotely via remote access