Posted by Carole Kirk

Reflecting ‘out loud’

audio recorderOften it can be difficult to capture everything in writing when you are visiting a site or examining artefacts.  Voice recording can be a simple way to record your observations in a ‘live’ and immediate way.  It is also good experience for creating recordings that you may want to use as podcasts in your professional career.

You can try voice recording on your own at home first of all – just start reflecting ‘out loud’ to get used to the idea, and to get used to the process of uploading the files.  Then try recording on-site.  Don’t feel self-conscious – imagine that you are talking to an interested listener on the phone.  If it helps, think of a real person who would be interested, and pretend you are talking to them.

Try any of the following:

  • recording a spoken tour of your chosen space;
  • ‘talking to’ images or artefacts to describe what you see/think/feel;
  • rambling to yourself with no structure or intention;
  • ‘interviewing’ yourself

This will give you experience at being interviewed, and confidence in listening to your answers.  You may feel, as you are talking, that you are rambling.  But listening again to your responses, you may find that you made more sense than you thought.   There is also something engaging about listening to people thinking out loud, rather than speaking a prepared script.  Why do you think radio and TV interviews are so popular?

Once you have uploaded your recordings onto your blog, listen again to your spoken reflections.  Do they spark new thoughts or ideas or questions?  What do you notice?  Make notes on your blog next to the recording.

If you wish to edit your audio files, see our page on Audacity audio editing software.