Posted by Carole Kirk

PowerPoint and Flip Video

You can create a digital story using PowerPoint, and you can insert images and video.¬† However, Flip camera videos won’t insert straight into PowerPoint if you are using a PC (a MAC is fine). You need to convert them to a different format AND compress them so that they are smaller. This video shows you how:-

Here is the link to the free PC video converter software used in the video:

NOTE: To make sure your presentation works properly, you must insert the video from THE SAME DIRECTORY and PATH as you will be presenting from. (A ‘path’ is the full directory structure e.g. C:/desktop/my presentation). Follow these steps:-

1. Create a directory on your PC or memory stick that you will present from

2. Create the PPT presentation in that directory.

3. Copy the compressed video file (the WMV file) into that directory.

4. Insert the video into your presentation.

5. Present it FROM THAT DIRECTORY on the day.