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Using a blog

Blog and Latte

Photo credit: Filipe Ferreira on Flickr

* What is a blog, and how do I use the blog on the VLE ?

* 30 second blog demo

* Guide for staff on how to set up and use the VLE blogs

What can you put on a blog?

On a previous Digitalis module run last Semester, some second year Choreography students used blogs and flip cameras to record the process of developing a piece of choreography.  They were encouraged to put anything they liked onto their blog.  On this page, you can learn some of the ways in which they used their blogs which you could use as prompts or ideas.

If you want to set up an external facing (public) blog on the internet, you might be interested in our post on WordPressNOTE: If you work at the University of Leeds, you should check with your Faculty IT Manager before setting up a site, to ensure it complies with University regulations. Some Faculties also run their own WordPress service, which might be more appropriate for your needs. Under no circumstances should you use the University logo on any external site, such as WordPress, Facebook, Twitter etc.