Posted by Carole Kirk

Performer Training Resources

We included resources on how to use a flip camera with LUTube, Using a blog (notes and brief demo), embedding video in a blog, and compressing files (with video tutorial).  The bespoke resources that were created specially for the module are below.  Note: we didn’t include details of how to convert Flip video into a format that could be understood by PowerPoint.  This was rectified for the curriculum enhancements.

How to embed video into Powerpoint

You can, if you wish, embed videos that you have made on the flip camera into a PowerPoint presentation.   Click the ‘Insert’ tab, and then select ‘Movie’ (towards the right end of the toolbar). IMPORTANT: When you  are presenting, you must make sure that the video file is in the same directory as the PowerPoint presentation, and that you have inserted it from that directory.  So I would suggest you create a directory for your presentation on a memory stick, copy your video into the same directory, and then insert the video into your presentation from that directory.

To show YouTube videos within your presentation, the easiest thing would be to insert a link to the YouTube video.  If you want to be a bit more sophisticated, this video shows you how you can embed a YouTube video into a PowerPoint slide, as long as you have an intenet connection where-ever you will be doing your presentation.  WARNING: I have tried this myself and it can be a bit temperamental.  It might be easier to simply insert a link.

Five minute video on embedding YouTube into PowerPoint