Posted by Carole Kirk

Performer Training Curriculum Enhancements

(This is a copy of the resources available on the VLE for PECI2506 Performer Training in the 20th and 21st Century in Semester 2 2011/2012.)

Insert Flip Video into PowerPoint 2007

Flip camera videos won’t insert straight into PowerPoint. You need to convert them to a different format AND compress them so that they are smaller. This video shows you how:-

Here is the link to the free PC video converter software used in the video:

NOTE: To make sure your presentation works properly, you must insert the video from THE SAME DIRECTORY and PATH as you will be presenting from. (A ‘path’ is the full directory structure e.g. C:/desktop/my presentation). Follow these steps:-

1. Create a directory on your PC or memory stick that you will present from

2. Create the PPT presentation in that directory.

3. Copy the compressed video file (the WMV file) into that directory.

4. Insert the video into your presentation.

5. Present it FROM THAT DIRECTORY on the day.

PREPARATION ON THE DAY: You will have a few minutes to set up your presentation on the day. It is a very good idea to test that your presentation will run smoothly by clicking through a few slides. Also, check that your video has linked properly, and if not, re-insert it into the slide. Sometimes a PowerPoint presentation will run more smoothly if you copy it onto the Desktop of the machine you are presenting from. If you do this, you will need to copy both the presentation file AND the video file(s), and then re-insert the video files into your presentation slides.

Archiving your video performance documentation 

Documenting practice on video provides material that you can use in your essay (both your videos and those of the other groups). So it is worth documenting them so you can all see them and find them again. A wiki (like Wikipedia) is a simple way to document the videos along with your reflections and any keywords that will help you (and others) to find them again.

Here is some basic information about how to use the Wiki. Note: If you use Internet Explorer 9, you might be better off using Firefox, as there have been problems using Wiki with IE9. To upload video to your wiki, follow this link to learn how to upload video to LUTube and then embed it into the wiki.

There is more information about the wiki on the Digitalis website.