Posted by Carole Kirk

Performance Design Curriculum Enhancement

(This is a copy of the resources available on the VLE for PECI1402 Performance Design Process in Semester 1 2011/2012.)

1. Using PhotoStory for performance design

Photostory is a simple piece of free software which allows you to use images to tell a story.  We have  been using it  with students of performance design to help them explore and reflect on the process of using images in combination with text.

In the first instance, this will help you all think about telling the story of Iphigenia through key images that work in combination with key excerpts from the text. It will also allow you to explore what themes you are particularly interested in  and ways in which you can use and manipulate source images as part of the design process.

Later in the module, when you have developed a 3D model and taken photographs of it under light, you can use this software to create a Photostory which conveys the key moments in your production of Iphigenia. This will fulfill the requirement for you to produce a storyboard for the final presentation.

2. Selecting images for an Iphigenia PhotoStory

In this video, Joslin talks through her selection of images for an Photostory for Iphigenia.

3. PhotoStory tutorial for PECI1402

This tutorial introduces you to using Photostory3 for Performance Design Process module.

4. Joslin’s Iphigenia PhotoStory

This is Joslin’s example of a Photostory for Iphigenia.