Posted by Carole Kirk

Museum Studies Resources

These are the resources that were made available to students on the Leeds Collections in Context module enhancement.  Students were offered small audio recorders (see Reflecting Out Loud) and invited to record their observations and thoughts when on site visits. They were also invited to keep a blog (see Using a blog).   The following resources show them how to make ‘videos’ from their audio recordings and still images collected as part of the development of their project.

You can use Microsoft Photostory 3 to create a very simple video from your audio recordings, which you can then put onto your blog.  You can make a simple video using one audio recording and one photo, like this example:

Or you could make a video with several recordings/photos, as in this example:

We’ve created some tutorial videos to show you how to do it, from downloading the software and organising your files to uploading the video and putting it on your blog.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five: