Posted by Carole Kirk

Bespoke Resources

Photo Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

Learning resources were created specifically for the module workshop enhancements carried out during the Digitalis Project in 2010/2011.

  • Design Presentation: The aim with these examples and tutorials was to demonstrate not just the technical skills required to use the software, but also some of the reflective and creative/design skills.
  • Museum Studies: As above, we aimed to demonstrate how the software could be used to help the creative process as well as showing ‘how to’ use the software.
  • Performer Training: The aim here was to provide as much guidance as possible to enable students to embed their videos seamlessly within a PowerPoint presentation.

Based on the learning from the workshop enhancements, a new set of resources were created for the Curriculum Enhancements developed during 2011/2012.

  • Museum Studies: Based on learning from the workshop enhancements, the resources were simplified, and WordPress blogs introduced.
  • Performer Training: New resources were added to show students how to convert Flip video into a format that PowerPoint would accept.

In addition, we provided support in 2011/2012 to the Enterprise Project module.