17 Jul 2012

JISC Mobile Reflections – Final Overview of Project

Posted by Carole Kirk

The mobile reflections project invited students to try out the use of mobile devices to capture multi-media reflections ‘on the move’.   I’ve written a full case study which summarises the project and our learning from it, and contains links to the learning resources created.  This is also available through JORUM so that any element may be reused under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-commercial-ShareAlike license.

Red Thoughts

Photo credit: Untitled blue 

My key learning from the project is:-

1. Using mobile devices to record reflections does enable students to capture spontaneous thoughts and observations, and the multi-media capacities of mobile devices enable them to capture and reflect on visual and auditory material.  Audio reflection takes some getting used to, but seems to get easier with practice and seems to provide a more tangible record of their process.

2. Video editing does seem to enable students to look again at their recorded material and make sense of it through spotting patterns, reviewing their process over time, and selecting material to highlight the most important elements.

3. As ‘incidental’ learning from the project, facilitating the process at a distance through e-workshops and email is possible, but difficult because you can’t always see the students’ progress.  If I were to run something similar again, I would set up the WordPress site from the beginning, and encourage earlier sharing and dialogue.


I’d like to thank JISC for funding the project through their innovative new Elevator programme.  A huge thank you to the participating students who so energetically carved out an opportunity from this project to develop their practice.  I’ve very much enjoyed working with you!  Thanks also to Dragos Ciobanu, Peter Carlill and Damian McDonald for their enthusiastic and capable technical support.  And a big thank you to everyone who voted for the project on the Elevator!