6 Jul 2012

JISC Mobile Reflections Update – Week Five

Posted by Carole Kirk

Photo credit: Marco Raaphorst

Photo credit: Marco Raaphorst

Our asynchronous online workshop is now up and running, using a WordPress site installed by our blended learning support team.   I’ve used this site for tasks and tutorials, and participants are currently video-editing their reflection files.  Next Wednesday, we will be holding our synchronous online workshop using Adobe Connect, during which we will look at some of the videos and discuss learning and experiences.  I have technical support from Dragos Ciobanu from our Staff Development Unit who will be helping me to set up the workshop, managing aspects such as switching mics on and off, and accepting participants into the space.  It has been a challenge to design a primarily discussion-led online workshop allowing for the limitations of communicating using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and chat.  Next week, I’ll share my experiences from this workshop – what worked, and what didn’t.

Meanwhile, some thoughts from one of our participants on their progress so far:-
During the development of my project I have found the most useful aspect is capturing the environment around me with photos or short videos. This helps me to remember the situation I was experiencing in the moment and therefore, it helps me to remember my thoughts or ideas. Sometimes I just draw a quick sketch or write a short note (only key words) in a small pad that I always carry with me. After, when I arrive home, I start the process of reflective note taking whilst looking back at the video footage, photos or sketches. This helps me not feel pressure of speaking in front of the camera and to articulate my ideas in a much calmer and confident way through writing. Short videos of the environment have been particularly useful.