28 Jun 2012

JISC Mobile Reflections Update – Week Four

Posted by Carole Kirk

Video Still: Jonathan Tobutt

We are now in our fourth week of the Mobile Reflections project, and our participants are still busy gathering reflections ‘in the field’.    From next week, they will be starting to organise these using video editing tools.  We have set up an online workshop space for this using a Leeds University WordPress installation.   We have also completed a video editing tutorial, which you can view on this page.

One of the participants asked about transferring her video files directly to another user (rather than sharing them via YouTube).  She suggested DropBox, which I have had several recommendations for.  I also found this resource.  If you have any thoughts or advice, please do leave a comment.

This week, I saw the results of a survey of our students which suggested that 76% of them use a smartphone (based on the 5% of students who responded).   The use was roughly evenly split across iPhone, Blackberry and Android.  This adds further weight, I think, to the need to research ways of making the most of the opportunity to harness mobile technologies to support student learning.  However, support needs to be cross-platform, which does pose a challenge to small projects such as this one!