22 Jun 2012

JISC Mobile Reflections Update – Week Three

Posted by Carole Kirk

Some further participants’ objectives for the project that came through this week:-

  • learning effective strategies to document choreographic projects (rehearsals, performances, document reflective thinking)
  • learning editing skills for video and other relevant documentation strategies to build a choreography portfolio

I have developed some very simple ‘how to’ resources which I’ve shared with the participants.¬† It is interesting when looking for existing video tutorials online how it is hard to find ones that explain the basics, so I’ve played safe and made my own.

1. Downloading files from iPhone (or Flip camera/digital camera) to PC

2. Managing files and folders on your PC

3. Downloading MovieMaker and importing files

There will be more to follow.

Finally, the online live workshop and discussion will be on July 11th.