30 May 2012

Opportunity to try mobile digital reflection

Posted by Carole Kirk

Photo: Annie Mole

We are now recruiting participants for our JISC Funded ‘Mobile Reflections‘ project.  We can offer funding of £70 for a limited number of students to take part.  The project is exploring whether mobile devices can help you to reflect on your learning from a creative project, or period of work experience. The idea is to capture images, video and sound throughout a period of four weeks, a bit like keeping a video diary. It would be an ideal opportunity for you focus on developing a project idea, for example, and to capture and organise your reflections in a way that you can share with peers or tutors (if you want to). It would involve capturing reflections using a mobile device (full support will be provided) during late June and July, and potentially sharing via blog/twitter/YouTube. You would then take part in an online workshop to create a movie that organises your reflections, and would receive training on how to use Windows Live MovieMaker which is free downloadable video editing software, and is very easy to use. You would receive £70 for taking part.


  • You’d receive a full briefing, and start capturing your reflections around the 9th June for a period of four weeks
  • We’d remind you to do this weekly, and ask for a very quick update of how you are getting on
  • We’d provide full technical support via email if you need it
  • There would be an online workshop sometime during 9 – 13th July, so you wouldn’t need to travel to Leeds
  • If you don’t have your own mobile phone or digital camera, we can lend you a Flip Camera
  • We’d pay you £70 if you participate in all of the above
  • If you are interested, email c.kirk@leeds.ac.uk by 8th June



  • Help you focus on the development of creative ideas, or on learning from work experience
  •  Teach you digital skills of capturing and manipulating research data (useful for documenting practice, very useful for third year projects)
  •  £70 holiday money!