4 Apr 2012

Using Camtasia to create video tutorials

Posted by Carole Kirk

One of the things that we have learned from the project is that video tutorials can help students (and staff) to quickly learn the technologies required for digital reflection.  All of the video tutorials that we have made available in our Learning Resources Toolkit, and all of the bespoke video tutorials were created using Camtasia.  I found this software simple to learn how to use with the help of their video tutorials (which also demonstrate ‘best practice’ in the design of video tutorials).  Joslin McKinney, our Performance Design project contributor, used Camtasia to develop an example photostory and created two video tutorials demonstrating the first activity and how to use the software. The first tutorial was created with some support from me, and took about 2 hours. The second tutorial was created by Joslin on her own, again in about 2 hours.  Whilst it was time-consuming, Joslin felt that she would use Camtasia again, mainly when she needs to ‘show’ something to the students that they might need to keep going back to (e.g. how to make a good model). Camtasia is very space-intensive on the PC and this does need to be taken into consideration.