21 Mar 2012

Experience and Reflection: Using Digital Stories to complement text-based learning

Posted by Carole Kirk

Using digital stories to complement text-based learningThis case study was written and developed by Claudia Sternberg in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies.

This case study explains the use and integration of digital stories in a module on representations of migration and diaspora in contemporary cinema. The module is ‘conventional’ in terms of teaching and student participation (screenings, readings, seminars, assessed essay), but is enhanced by the viewing and discussion of student-produced, autobiographical digital self/family-portraits. The case study covers the rationale for integrating personal reflection, addresses practicalities of using digital storytelling and includes an assessment of how the practice works. Sample digital stories illustrate the work done by students. Module documentation and links and resources are available as downloadable attachments.

This presentation is directed at tutors who have no or very little prior knowledge of digital storytelling and are considering the integration of a creative and reflective task in a teaching context which is predominantly text- and writing-based. The presentation may also be of interest to anyone teaching on migration and diaspora.

Click here to view the presentation

The presentation is about 27 minutes long; its parts can be viewed individually. Each of the four sample digital stories is approximately three minutes long.