20 Jan 2012

Digital Literacy in the curriculum

Posted by Carole Kirk

BrainAt the Student Education Conference this month, Jonathan and I attended a very thought provoking session delivered by Jane O’Neill and Rebecca Dearden from SDDU.  The session prompted us to think in detail about what is meant by ‘digital literacy’, why it is important for our graduates to have it, and whether our curriculum design enables students to develop their digital literacy.  Jane and Rebecca talked us through this article on how digital literacy can boost employability.  We completed an audit of our own digital literacy, on the grounds that we can’t teach it if we don’t have it.  We then did a couple of very useful excercises looking at a) the anatomy of a digitally literate graduate i.e. what attributes would our graduates need to enable them to be digitally literate within their chosen profession; and b) whether our curriculum design develops those attributes.

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