12 Dec 2011

Curriculum Development

Posted by Carole Kirk

focus on lights

Photo credit: weishenggg on Flickr

We are now in the third phase of the project, which is to develop curriculum enhancements.  We have taken the learning from the 2010/2011 workshop enhancements forward into the following areas:-

  • Digital storytelling has been introduced for a first year module PECI1402 Performance Design Process to help students engage with the performance text that they are designing for.  Amendments made based on the learning from last year include asking students to take their own photographs, rather than sourcing images from elsewhere.  Students are also being encouraged to think about using digital stories to present their final design, as an alternative to PowerPoint.
  • The use of video to help music students reflect on visual aspects of their performance has been introduced into a Philharmonia performance project.  Rehearsals and the final performance have been videoed and uploaded to the VLE, and students have been prompted to review and reflect upon the videos.
  • In Museum Studies, students of the ARTF2121 Leeds Collections in Context will again be invited to use blogs to gather ideas as they develop their virtual exhibition project.  Based on the learning from last year, we will be using a group blog rather than individual ones, and using WordPress rather than the VLE.
  • For PECI2506 Performer Training in the 20th and 21st Century, we will be using Flip Cameras for students to record and reflect upon their embodiment of performer training exercises.  We have created resources to help them with video file conversion to import into PowerPoint.  We will also be running a practical session with students to teach them the technical digital skills required.
  • We have created bespoke learning resources for some of these modules.

Staff and research students: We are also developing resources, and potentially a workshop, for staff on digital reflection.  And we have already developed the CePRA funded workshop on digital storytelling as a tool for reflecting upon and documenting practice as research, for post-graduate research students and staff.