9 Dec 2011

Capturing and archiving creative reflection

Posted by Carole Kirk

audio recorderCapturing creative processes and reflections in some way using digital technologies gives us a digital artefact (video or audio) that we can then reflect upon further.   We’ve created a set of resources that might help to provide a starting point.  Using a Flip Camera to easily record video shows how to use a Flip Camera (and another similar camcorder) and how to upload the video to LUtube.  Uploading and sharing video shows how to upload any video to LUTube, and how to embed it into a VLE tool such as a blog or wiki.  Reflecting out loud suggests some ideas for using a small hand-held audio recorder to record reflections and ideas.  Reflections can also be captured ‘on the move’ using mobile devices.   Sound files can be edited using Audacity.  And because currently you can’t upload an audio file directly to the VLE, ‘Uploading sound‘ shows you a way that you can create a simple video file from your audio material using PhotoStory 3, so that it can be embedded in the VLE.