23 Nov 2011

Blogging with WordPress

Posted by Carole Kirk

Blog and Latte

Photo credit: Filipe Ferreira on Flickr

WordPress.com is a web-based blogging tool that enables you to self-publish information on the web.  Basic use is free, although you need to purchase upgrades for some functions such as using your own domain name.  The Digitalis website is written using WordPress. There are plenty ‘how-to’ videos, from which I’ve suggested some below that are useful to get you started:-
1. Signing up with WordPress.com

2. An introduction to the WordPress dashboard

3. Writing and publishing a post

4. Adding categories and tags to your post (these help people to find your content)

5. Embedding a YouTube video into a post

6. Inserting an image into a post (ignore the second part of the video about inserting video or audio, as you need to purchase a space upgrade to do this)

7. Adding a static page (such as ‘About Me’ or ‘Contact’.  The tabs along the top of this website are all pages.)

NOTE: If you work at the University of Leeds, you should check with your Faculty IT Manager before setting up a wordpress.com site, to ensure it complies with University regulations. Some Faculties also run their own WordPress service, which might be more appropriate for your needs. Under no circumstances should you use the University logo on any external site, such as WordPress, Facebook, Twitter etc.  See more detailed guidelines for using WordPress in the University of Leeds.