12 Oct 2011

CePRA Workshop on Digital Storytelling

Posted by Carole Kirk

Last Thursday 6th October, we ran a workshop funded by CePRA on the use of digital storytelling in documenting practice-led research.

The workshop introduced delegates to Microsoft Photo Story 3 (free downloadable software), and explored its potential for documenting practice-led research.  The workshop was hands-on, with delegates having two opportunities to develop a digital story using the software.  There was input and discussion on creative reflection and creative forms of reflection, and on tools and techniques to make the most of digital storytelling software including: cropping, juxtaposition, montage, sound, transitions, motion, duration, narration, metaphor and symbolism.  Delegates shared and discussed their digital stories, and discussed how digital storytelling could be used as a tool to document, reflect upon and share practice-led research.

Update: I’ve made a short video of tools and lenses that may be helpful in using digital storytelling for reflection.

Update 2: Here is an example of a digital story made by one of the participants:-