27 Jul 2011

Museum Studies Evaluation

Posted by Carole Kirk

We have now completed the evaluation for ‘Leeds Collections in Context’, in which students were invited to use blogs and audio recordings to help them develop a virtual exhibition.   We gained some valuable insights from this module, including:-

  • Students need extra time to familiarise themselves with a new way of learning.  If digital reflection is introduced for the first time as part of an assignment that they percieve as challenging, then it is seen as ‘another thing on top’, and they won’t adopt it.  In this case, ‘creative reflection’ was new to them just as much as ‘digital reflection’ was, as it is not part of Museum Studies discourse.
  • The students told us that the technology (VLE blog) was too complicated to use (particularly for uploading images) compared to Blogspot and WordPress which they are already used to.
  • Audio recording was not used because of the self-discipline required to do something with the audio files.
  • Students could see potential for alternative forms of assessment, such as creating a virtual tour which they could refer to in their essay.  They suggested that it would be easier to ‘show’ their design, thus saving wordcount normally used in description, and enabling them to focus their writing more on critical evaluation.

This is just a taster.  You can read much more in the following documents (click each one to download PDF):-

Museum Studies Evaluation SUMMARY

Museum Studies Case Study

PALATINE Mark Westgarth presentation