18 Jul 2011

Digital Reflection event archive

Posted by Carole Kirk

PalatineADM logo‘Digital Reflection’ was a collaborative event on 4th July 2011  supported by PALATINE and the Art Design Media Subject Centre (ADM-HEA), and hosted by the Digitalis project at stage@leeds. It was PALATINE’s 100th and final event, with 75 registered delegates.

The event looked at ways in which digital technologies are being used within teaching and learning practice to help students engage in creative forms of reflection upon practice.

In the performing and visual arts, where work is often practice-based and related to creative outputs, the use of technology as a mechanism to enhance reflection is of particular importance, given the ephemerality of many of the projects produced by students and the complex collaborative processes undergone to achieve them. Capturing these processes and thus facilitating deeper reflection on behalf of the student-artist is often time consuming, resource-hungry and technologically demanding and this clearly hinders progress. Finding an appropriate platform for the archiving and dissemination of creative processes (if they are in some way captured using new technologies) is also a major challenge and yet there is great potential, both for tutors and potential employers, to have access to students’ reasoned and organised reflection on what is frequently a messy and intuitive practice.

Some key questions considered during the event included:

  • What technologies are available to us to exploit the relationship between creativity and reflection?
  • What virtue is there in finding analogous creative assessments to facilitate reflection on creative practice? Could they stand alone as reflective assignments, or must they be accompanied by writing?
  • How far is digital literacy a determining factor in the success of these kinds of alternative assessment? And how do we support such literacy?
  • What scope for reflection do the simple parameters of image, text, transition, sound and juxtaposition offer the student?
  • When does documentation become reflective and what is the role of technology in this transformation?

Event Programme (PDF)

We have archived the event under the tag ‘Palatine‘ (click to access all posts containing abstracts and presentations where available).