7 Jul 2011

Experiential Thinking and Reflecting

Posted by Carole Kirk

Peter Matthews (Art and Design Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University)

Abstract:  Drawing is a thinking tool, not just a mark on paper.  Drawing can be a journey which opens up a radical new way to see, to look, to think.  To splice a hand drawn sketch with Prezi to dilate a rabbit hole of interactivity and cross dialogue.

I wish to pull our attention towards using the online presentation zoom tool Prezi. I wish to take a sticky track which parallels educational issues such as experience, cognition, interaction, critical questioning and critical reflection by focusing on how hand-drawn observational drawings by art and design students can be radically given a new multi-dimensional expansion through this digital tool.

In particular, I will show a range of images, largely generated by live, on-site observations by art and design students, to stimulate the audience on how the sketchbook is becoming increasingly substituted for the instantaneous results from technology.  I am interested in how if we observe and draw a subject – drawing in its broadest term i.e. collage, wall drawings, post it drawings, etc, we can embrace, interact with and understand the object/subject relationship on a deeper level.  I am intrigued by the hesitations in drawing from observation, those pauses and thinking moments which are so volatile for lateral thinking, reflection, analysis, introspection, etc.

I will show the audience, as a live demonstration and talk, how using Prezi can allow teachers and students to increase and enhance the creative dialogue of their ideas and thought process trails through such a tool that allows us to zoom into their concepts and add multiple layers of interactivity. I am particularly interested in how this Prezi can augment and embed video and sound into the creative equation.

Peter Matthews presentation (Click to download as PDF)