8 Mar 2011

Focus on reflection – Dance in Context

Posted by Carole Kirk

focus on lights

Photo credit: weishenggg on Flickr

At the Digitalis Symposium last October, Kelly Preece did this presentation.   Recently I met Kelly to capture more detail of how she has used WordPress blogs with students as a means of communicating the content of a designed scheme of work, leaving them free to focus entirely on critical reflection within their assessed presentation.  Previously, the students had spent their ten-minute presentation communicating the scheme of work that they had devised, rather than the reflection and contextualisation of it.  Yet they were assessed entirely on their level of reflection on the content, rather than the content itself.  In this year’s presentation of the module, which included the blogs, the presentations were much more focused on reflection, and consequently the marks gained were generally higher.

The full transcript can be downloaded here (click to download as PDF).

In the course of our conversation, we started to explore ways in which the creation of the blog could itself encourage creative thinking, by encouraging students to push the boundaries of how they present information on the blog – for example, using podcasts or videos instead of text.  Would encouraging ‘out of the box’ thinking on the creation of their blogs develop their ability to think creatively for their dance, choreography and community education practice?

Questions that Kelly has for you:-

Do you have more ideas about different ways to use the tool? What other exciting things do you think could be done with WordPress?  You can add any suggestions in the comments box (click on ‘comments’ under the title if you can’t see the comments box below this post).