12 Jan 2011

Reflecting on video

Posted by Carole Kirk

Photo credit: dailyinvention on Flickr (used under a Creative Commons License)

In December, I held my second Digital Reflective Archive interview with Jonathan Tobutt from the School of Music.  Jonathan used video to record and give feedback on student group rehearsals on a 5 week practical module for wind instruments.  Full details are in the transcript – click to dowload as PDF.  Below are some edited highlights:-

“…the video actually provided me with a huge amount to feedback because sometimes things happened, or I thought they’d happened, a certain way but the video was slightly different. I found that really useful, because it meant that my feedback was very focused and the students could actually see what I was talking about”

“There was a very interesting (video) at the beginning with three young guys where two were very assertive and they almost ignored this other guy. He rallied round at the end and started asserting himself and that I thought was great. I put that on (the VLE) really to support the guy and to show the other two that ‘hey guys, you’ve got to take this other member of the team with you’. They did comment about this much later to say, you know I really learned a lot from that about engaging with everybody.”

“I think there was three or four of them actually that were looking at the videos and I think they could see what was happening – they’d got visual evidence that things weren’t working well, or they were working well and where they could take it from then on.”

“I think what I would have loved to have been able to do was for the last fifteen minutes take them all off to a lecture theatre, plug it all in and get them to make comments about the video there and then using voting buttons  …  it’s anonymous and people can be a little bit more confident. And then to use that as a springboard to lead them to make critical comments as well as supportive comments.”

“what I would like to do this time is get them to video little sections of their rehearsal and get one of the other groups to video them, so get the students themselves far more interactive with their colleagues rather than me taking the prominent role and controlling all this. Because it would be interesting to see how they would video, and what they would pick up on … It would be really nice if in rehearsals between each session they had access to a video and they videoed that and they put that on the VLE themselves…”

To help Jonathan develop these ideas, Digitalis will be loaning him a couple of Flip cameras to use with his next group.  It will be interesting to see how he  gets on, and to compare his experiences with those of Steve Muir, one of our project contributors.

Finally, I asked Jonathan whether he would have any questions for you as a reader of this site:-

“How can I do this differently? How would you approach this? Given that it’s such a short period of time (five weeks) and you don’t know anything at the beginning and at the end of it you’ve got to produce a performance…”

If you have any ideas or comments for him, please do leave a comment below this post.

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