16 Dec 2010

School of Design

Posted by Carole Kirk

Welcome to Paul Wilson and Fabio Fragiacomo from the School of Design, who have joined the project as a sixth strand contributor.  Here are the details of the proposed module and enhancements:-

Independent Project (Graphic Design)

Students have engaged in digital reflection prior to this module through the production of a personal blog which includes a collection of existing design practice through the use of images, videos and text, to document reflection and research. This module requires the creation of a self developed major design project, and demands a certain level of constant independent reflection and self evaluation to successfully identify and achieve key objectives.  The idea of using this module in Digitalis would be to extend and develop students’ current reflection with the integration of new technologies.  

Initially, a small group of students will work to evaluate a range of iPhone applications which allow them to visually document their work – making use of forms of annotation (written or spoken) upon the photographs. From this evaluation one application will be selected for use within the project. This content will then be shared with other participating students via their existing blog. This will enrich their current forms of documentation and evaluation (currently the sketchbook / reflective log).

The social aspect of sharing and commenting upon each other’s work will hopefully extend students’ experience within the module – working independently whilst still receiving feedback from peers and staff. The information gathered during phase 1 and phase 2 of the project (evaluation of existing apps and selection and testing) will inform the development of an enhanced method of teaching, based on a new mobile application which integrates rich multimedia including video, sound and text. Future possibilities for the project could be to feed into new curriculum development especially in a proposed MA Digital Advertising and appropriate undergraduate modules.