8 Dec 2010

First workshop enhancement module complete

Posted by Carole Kirk

The first of our workshop enhancement modules finished this week, with a student focus group held on Monday.  Fiona Bannon has been trialling the use of Flip Cameras with VLE blogs in the Choreography II module run in the School of Performance and Cultural Industries.  Students were each given a Flip Camera for the length of the module, and were encouraged to use it to record improvisation exercises, development of work, rehearsals, recording their thoughts out loud to camera, recording spaces, etc.  They then posted the videos onto individual VLE blogs, along with notes, links to other choreographers, notes of what they were reading, recordings of discussions, etc.

We are now reviewing and writing up our evaluation of the workshop, and more detail will be published here later.  But for now, there’s one area in particular that I find interesting, and I’d be interested in any thoughts you may have.  The students recorded their reflections out loud to the camera, and then played this back to themselves.  Some of them found that they went back and listened to this again, whereas they might not have gone back to read their notes.  They had some discussion about the difference between ‘writing up’ reflection, and ‘talking up’ reflection.  One student said that she came out with things when speaking her reflections out loud that she might not have done if she was writing her reflections.  If you have any thoughts on this, please do leave a comment below.