23 Nov 2010

Reflecting 'on the move'

Posted by Carole Kirk

Last week I spoke to Christopher Murray about his project using iPhones within the School of Medicine. 

Medical students in their 4th and 5th years are out on clinical placements without easy access to a computer.   For this project, they are each given an iPhone which has apps loaded to give them:-

i) access to an assessment form that their clinical supervisor can fill in for them when a suitable assessment opportunity arises, and then download to their e-portfolio progress file;

ii) the ability to send text (but not images or sound) to their progress file blog; and

iii) access to the internet including online medical reference resources.

I’ll post the full transcript of the interview here next week. (Edit: Here’s the full transcript. Click to open PDF)

We did have an interesting discussion about reflecting ‘on the move’.  Reflection is not always a planned activity.  We probably don’t think – ‘Right, now I’m going to reflect’.  We may find ourselves mulling something over while we are waiting for a bus home.  Having a mobile device enables us to capture these thoughts or reflections e.g. by recording an audio file or typing up a quick note.  Or taking a photograph if something we’ve seen sparks a thought or an idea.  Having an app to then send this automatically to a blog, progress file or e-portfolio means that these little mini-reflections (as Christopher called them) don’t get lost.  They are there for us to look over and organise later on.