15 Nov 2010

Symposium – Kelly Preece

Posted by Carole Kirk

Kelly Preece from the School of Performance and Cultural Industries is using WordPress blogs to facilitate lecture demonstration assignments as part of the ‘Dance in Context’ Level 2 module.   Students are asked to develop a proposal for how they would use dance within an applied context e.g. healthcare or education.  As part of the assessment, they have a 1:1 presentation in which they are asked to critically evaluate the content and processes appropriate to dance activities in relation to a particular context.  In the time they have available for the presentation, students often focus on presenting the content of their proposal, rather than focusing on critical reflection.  Kelly is proposing to use the WordPress blogs for them to present the content of their proposal, so that they can use the 1:1 presentation time to focus on critical reflection.  She has provided tutorials on how to use WordPress, along with examples of similar types of websites.  Students are encouraged to be inventive about how they present material.  An additional outcome is that students will develop skills in how to present themselves online.  They will learn how to create a professional website using WordPress which they can continue to develop and use once they finish their studies.

Download the PowerPoint presentation.

Watch the video of Kelly’s presentation: