8 Nov 2010

Symposium – Dr Claudia Sternberg

Posted by Carole Kirk

Dr Claudia SternbergDr Claudia Sternberg from the School of FineArt, History of Art and Cultural Studies talked about her use of digital stories in a module on representations of migration and diaspora in contemporary European cinema.¬† The module is ‘conventional’ in terms of teaching and student participation (screenings, readings, seminars, assessed essay), but is enhanced by the viewing and discussion of student-produced, autobiographical digital shorts. The digital stories influence the syllabus, highlight the diversity of migratory and diasporic experiences and challenge dominant views and positions. This presentation does not centre on digital technology and the reflection of creative practice. Instead it looks at digital creative practice as a tool for personal reflection on module content and associated historical, socio-political and ethical issues.

Digital mechanisms used: MovieMaker, PhotoStory, IMovie (or similar); Audacity; LUTube; VLE.

Claudia Sternberg presentation slides (PDF document).

You can see the video of Claudia’s talk here: